• Our Process

  • Our energy consultants will take the time to listen to your specific comfort and energy concerns. We will help you to understand possible causes and find solutions customized for your home.

    Along with your specific concerns, our trained auditors will check other areas of the home:

    1. We will check your home for health and safety issues like gas leaks, CO and appliance drafting and venting.
    2. Insulation levels throughout the home (attic, walls, basement)
    3. We check the equipment efficiencies, condition, and age.
    4. Ventilation – we visually inspect attics, soffits and crawl spaces for proper ventilation.

    Depending on your home’s audit results, we may recommend:

    1. Air sealing
    2. Insulation
    3. Glass block windows
    4. Air purification units
    5. Heating and AC upgrades
    6. Humidity and home airflow controls

  • Air Sealing

    Air leakage into and out of your home is costing you money and decreasing overall home comfort.

    Signs of a leaky house can be drafts, high energy bills and/or ice. With the help of a blower door test, infrared camera, and physical testing, we can help you find sources of air leakage in your home. We will then provide you with customized solutions we implement to reduce energy cost and improve the comfort level in your home; like spray foam, silicone seal, and weather stripping.

  • Insulation

    Helps keep warm, conditioned air in the home during heating season and hot, uncomfortable air out in the summer.

    Whether it’s your attic, walls, or floors we will help you design a work scope that best fits your comfort and budget needs. We may recommend several options depending on your needs, home construction and framing.

    Commonly used insulation:

    • Cellulose – either blown in or dense packed, this extremely environmentally friendly product will slow heat transfer and help improve your comfort and energy savings.
    • Spray Foam – Our trained insulators will fill gaps and cover areas other insulation cannot get to (insulation air sealing).
    • Foam Board – This rigid board can cover large spaces and provide a semi-finish look when combined with air sealing.

  • Glass Block Windows

    Security, Efficiency and Style

    Replacing leaky basement windows with sturdy Glass Block Windows can increase safety and curb appeal while reducing air infiltration.

    The blocks are sealed together and mortared to the concrete in your foundation walls, making them harder to break through increasing your safety. This also significantly reduces air flow, increasing home efficiency and comfort. Screen vents can be added or they can be used to vent your furnace or dryer.

  • Heating and Cooling

    Older or improperly installed equipment can run up energy bills and negatively affect your home comfort. We can help you access your heating and cooling efficiencies and recommend improvements where necessary.

    As comfort experts, we are familiar with several options:

    • High efficiency furnaces
    • Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners
    • Boilers
    • Water heaters
    • Ductless heating and cooling

    Crossfield takes the extra time to make sure the system we install is properly sized for your home and your needs.